Ken buys houses and Land..

Sell your house or land quickly with no hassles or commissions.

If you property qualifies I will make you an offer. 

Do you need to sell your property quickly ?

If the answer is yes then you should continue reading.

I can't buy all houses and land that come my way.

I am an investor so it has to make financial sense for me to buy a property.

I have to find about  the condition  of the property, the location of the property, how soon you want to sell and what price you are hoping to get.


I have nothing to sell you or try to convince you of. I buy properties so I have to conduct research., which means I will need to ask you some questions about the property,  as well as check public records, and demographic data.

If your property qualifies I will make you an offer, it doesn't qualify I will let you know that this is not a good fit for me.

Either the price has to be below market value for a cash offer or you will need to flexible in your terms, such as owner financing, or allowing me to lease option the property for a year or two and then allow me to cash you out.

I have purchased thousands of properties over the last 24 years, and If I don't buy yours, it doesn't make a difference in my life.

If you would like for me to consider your property, then either call me at 702-389-1464 or submit your info below and I will get back with you.

Meet Herman

Finding ourselves with a problem property that was damaged by our last tenant, we were about to do a short sale, when we got a postcard from Ken.

We are so glad we did too, because we could no longer afford the house and the repairs and the stress was so much. Our house was located in Las Vegas and we live in California. Ken was able to make everything smooth for us and we did not have to travel.

Our experience with Ken was great !

I would recommend Ken to my friends, family and anyone with a problem house.


Meet Becky

Hello . I had tried to sell my property using craigslist and tried to hire a realtor. The realtor never called me back and craigslist didn't get the property sold. Ken called me from my craigslist ad, and we closed the deal and the whole process was smooth and I got my asking price from Ken. I would do business with Ken anytime it was a pleasure.


Meet Don

I have done 3 deals with Ken and found him very fair and honest.

Just submit your info below.


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